AMO - Bördelandhalle - Elbauenpark with Millennium Tower und Lake Stage - St John’s Church - MESSE MAGDEBURG - Stadthalle Magdeburg: Your single source for service!

1. The AMO with its club atmosphere and 100 year old park (capacity of up to 1673).
2. The biggest multipurpose hall in Saxony-Anhalt, as seen on TV, GETEC-Arena (capacity of 7000).
3. Deemed Germany’s second most attractive park in 2005, the Elbauenpark, (area of 100 ha) with its unique Millennium Tower and fantastic Lake Stage.
4. St John’s Church, a location steeped in history and ideal for sophisticated events.
5. The modern Magdeburger Stadion, the MDCC-Arena (27.250 Pl.).
6. The MESSE MAGDEBURG (MAGEDBURG EXHIBITION CENTRE), modern architecture combined with functionality.
7. The Stadthalle Magdeburg (civic hall), “Neues Bauen” (New Building) architectural ambience in a wonderful island location.
8. Advance ticket sales are available at Magdeburg Ticket, located directly in the city centre.